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Cost Advantages and Convenience of Smoking E-cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette News

Smoking electronic cigarettes over tobacco has cost advantages. Smoking electronic cigarettes is much more cost efficient because you only need to replace the cartridge which holds the nicotine and flavoring every 170 puffs. The atomizer needs to be replaced about every 30 days and the battery is rechargeable. Starter kits for your electronic cigarettes usually include a free charger as well as many extra cartridges and replaceable atomizers. With the rising cost of tobacco, you will save money smoking electronic cigarettes. Statistics have reported that those who smoke frequently save more than $1,500 a year smoking electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes.

Smoking electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes has another advantage because of the convenience of electronic cigarettes. You are not restricted by smoking laws when using electronic cigarettes because they do not produce second-hand smoke and they do not smell so you will not annoy people around you. You can smoke electronic cigarettes in your car, out in public, and inside.

Smoking electronic cigarettes has the environmental advantage as well. You will not litter the environment with cigarette stubs or worry about starting fires and releasing toxins into the environment. Electronic cigarettes are a cleaner, classier way to smoke.

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