Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
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The new “electronic cigarette” has recently gained popularity among tobacco users throughout the world. Shopping mall kiosks, internet blogs, and advertisements have made the claim that the new “e-cigarette” is both a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes that also allows users to smoke indoors. Can this innovative device live up to all expectations? Or have we embraced the latest celebrity trend without scientific evidence that these “e-cigs” are in fact a true alternative to traditional tobacco?   We decided to see for ourselves and place an order from a popular internet promotion that gave free trials to customers interested in testing the electronic cigarettes. When we received our order about a week later, we inspected the electronic cigarette closely, and it was easy to see that the device does in face look, and feel like a normal cigarette! What these “e-cig” companies and some product users are claiming is that you can now enjoy a healthier smoking experience without the awful smell, second-hand [...]

E-cigs Made Easy

Blu Electric Cigarettes are making the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs a bit easier. Blu e-cigs are maximizing the benefits of e-cigs. Users of Blu e-cigs no longer have to worry about the unwanted smoker smell, the yellowing teeth, carbon monoxide, what to do with ash and stubs, where to find a light, cost, new laws, or second hand smoke. For people trying to curb or eliminate their nicotine intake Blu e-cigs makes that road easier by offering nicotine solution cartridges with small amounts to no nicotine in them. Users still able to satisfy their craving for the tobacco taste with the Blu e-cig. Not only can the strength of nicotine be decided, but users of Blu e-cigs also have a variety of flavors that they are able to choose from as well (vanilla, java, menthol, and tobacco). For many smokers, e-cigs are also a cheaper alternative to smoking. The problem with a lot of e-cigs is that they are unreliable and inconvenient. Blu [...]

How Long Do E-Cigs Last?

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There’s no need to worry about not getting enough bang for your buck when investing in e-cigs. Electronic cigarettes are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Many manufactures/suppliers supply customers with a USB computer charger, a wall charger, and a car charger. They also make e-cigs that are disposable if this is what people prefer. Electronic cigarettes contain a nicotine solution that comes in cartridges. Cartridges usually last for about 150 puffs which is equivalent to about 15 traditional tobacco cigarettes. For many smokers e-cigs are cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Most e-cig refill cartridges cost around $2. Almost all suppliers provide customers with some sort of warranty if there are any problems. The amount of e-cig users around the world is rapidly growing. E-cigs are easy to find online and more and more places are starting to carry them, such as kiosks in malls. Cartridges are available in different nicotine levels, from no nicotine to high. Users are also able to pick from a variety [...]

What Is An Electronic Cigarette?

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Electronic cigarettes are an alternative to traditional smoking and yet the same satisfaction. An electronic cigarette is a battery powered electronic vaporizer. Users inhale a vaporized nicotine solution. The concentration of nicotine in the solutions varies, allowing users to decide their nicotine intake. E-cig users are able to enjoy tar free smoking. Flavored nicotine solutions are available, such as cherry and coffee. People also have the option of using reusable and rechargeable or disposable e-cigs. Many e-cigs look just like the real thing, but there are also ones that take different forms. Something that many people really like about E-cigs is that they are smoke free; there is no flame, carbon monoxide, ash, stub or the smell. Users also avoid the bad breath that smoking cigarettes causes and the yellow teeth. Another benefit of e-cigs is that they do not make other people subject to second hand smoke. Many places are banning the smoking of cigarettes, but with e-cigs people are free to use them [...]

E Cigs and Smart Solutions

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If you are someone looking for a smart way to simplify your life, then you definitely should consider how e cigs might come into play. This is something that an increasing number of ex-smokers have done since they do not feel as though they are quite ready to bid cigarettes, or at least nicotine, farewell once and for all. So, spend some time thinking about how you might use these cigarettes as a good replacement for all of the tobacco products you typically use. When you start using the cigarettes, try going through some of the electronic cigarettes reviews now available. They will provide you with some pertinent information with regards to how you might effectively use and care for this product. Plus, you will learn that other people had success with using these types of cigarettes, which can serve as a very important form of encouragement. The cheap smoke tip is going to be a good solution if you have a limited budget right [...]

E Cigs and No Offensive Smoke

By using e cigs, you are going to be able to effectively rid your life of all tobacco products even if you happen to have developed a strong addiction to nicotine over the years. Obviously, this is a hard thing to break, but the electronic cigarettes still have the same amount of nicotine that you typically consume when you are smoking your favorite tobacco products. Therefore, there is really no reason for you not to try out these cigarettes to see what they have to offer. You may find that there is not a reason to smoke the tobacco cigarettes any longer since the electronic ones are going to give you everything that you need. One of the main benefits associated with e cigs is that they are not going to give off any smoke that produces an odor. Everyone immediately knows when someone has lit a cigarette in a crowded room just on account of the odor that it is going to produce. However, [...]