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Green Smoke Review

Green Smoke e-cigs are making it easier for smokers to kick the habit. Green Smoke e-cigs provide users with a cleaner “smoking” experience. Rechargeable, battery powered Green Smoke e-cigs vaporize nicotine solution in a cartridge, this benefits both the user and those around them. With the Green Smoke e-cig there is no more smoke or odor. Users don’t have to worry about yellowing teeth, tar, bad breath, ash, stubs, or getting a light and the people around them no longer have to worry about carbon monoxide or second hand smoke. Using Green Smoke e-cigs, people are able to better regulate their nicotine intake. Green Smoke offers a range of nicotine concentrations in its cartridges. For people trying to quit smoking this is great because they can choose to use the lower level cartridges. With many states creating bans on smoking traditional cigarettes, Green Smoke e-cigs allow people to “smoke” almost anywhere. Traditional smoking is becoming more and more frowned upon and Green Smoke e-cigs allow [...]