Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
How long will  the  Electronic Cigarette last?
Can I use an  E-Cigarette anywhere?

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FDA and Electronic Cigarettes

The FDA has announced that there are some dangers in electronic cigarettes. Through extensive study they have found that electronic cigarettes contain toxins and harmful chemicals such as diethylene glycol. To the normal person this means nothing but this chemical is actually an ingredient used in antifreeze. Some public health officials are concerned that the electronic cigarette could increase the nicotine and tobacco use in young adults especially. There is no official study or proof they have that it will increase the use in young adults. These electronic cigarettes are primarily marketed toward the youth, which is why some public health officials are worried that these kids will get there hands on them at an earlier age and not realize that nicotine is in fact in them.

The electronic cigarettes have not been submitted to the FDA for an evaluation or approval. They have no way of knowing what else may be harmful in these electronic cigarettes. The FDA and Electronic Cigarettes have been claiming different thing. The FDA has had only limited testing on electronic cigarettes. If the FDA and electronic cigarettes could come together to come and find out what is actually in the product and what might be harmful to the public. The FDA and electronic cigarettes don’t seem to agree or want to work with each other about this product because each side has something to lose if they give in to the other.

The FDA have been examining shipments of electronic cigarettes at the border. They confiscated these because it fit the description of a drug device and you cannot bring those into the country. The FDA and electronic cigarettes have a case pending in federal district court. The FDA are also planning to address the issues between the FDA and Electronic Cigarettes. So looks like we’ll have to wait and see what happens between these two giants in this battle.


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