Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe?
How long will  the  Electronic Cigarette last?
Can I use an  E-Cigarette anywhere?

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Go Green

The Green Smoke Electric Cigarette has quickly become one of the most popular e-cigs on the market. The traditional cigarette has been subjected to more and more ridicule over the last few years for its negative effects on people’s health and the environment. E-cigs are smokeless, odorless and don’t result in ash and stubs, for these reasons e-cigs are becoming the socially acceptable “cigarette”. Users no longer have to worry about yellow teeth from inhaling tar as e-cigs create a vapor, also e-cigs do not create any second hand smoke or dangerous carbon monoxide. The Green Smoke e-cig nicotine cartridges are composed of a safer solution of propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and some added food coloring. Unlike other brands of electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke e-cigs have a unique two component smokeless cigarette. Green Smoke offers a nice range of flavored cartridges- menthol, tobacco, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, and apple. A nice thing that Green Smoke does is color code their cartridges so you don’t make any mix ups or accidentally toss out the wrong cartridge. Besides having a variety of flavors, Green Smoke also gives e-cig users four different options for the level of nicotine that they’d like. For people trying to quit smoking using a Green Smoke e-cig and a nicotine cartridge with a low nicotine dose is a great way to start weaning yourself off nicotine. A nice perk about the Green Smoke e-cig cartridges is that they all come with a new atomizer, which little to none other suppliers do. Compared to using traditional cigarettes, using Green Smoke e-cigs is much more cost efficient, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Many other suppliers offer started kits, but Green Smoke offers three different starter kits and each one comes with multiple chargers. While you’ll still be inhaling nicotine, the Green Smoke e-cig is a cleaner way to do so.


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