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Where Can I Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes News

Electronic cigarettes are smokeless and odorless. They do not pertain to the same anti-smoking laws and cigarette bans that are being imposed in many facilities and states across the country. You can literally smoke your electronic cigarette anywhere and everywhere. This includes bars, restaurants, planes and airports. Now there are even smoking bans about walking with a cigarette down the street. You don’t have to worry about this with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes utilize technology so that you do not exhale second hand smoke that is harmful and disturbing to those around you. Also the electronic cigarettes produce no odors. For these reasons, it is pleasant to smoke your electronic cigarette in the office or in your car without having to worry about smelling up the space around you. You can climb into bed and smoke your electronic cigarette before you go to sleep, without having your spouse complain about the smell of smoke on your clothes, hair and breath.  You have to be 18 [...]