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Blue Electric Cigarettes Clear the Haze Over E-Cigs

Blu smokeless cigarettes are at the top of electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes looks to give smokers the highest quality alternative to traditional cigarettes. Like other e-cig brands, blu smokeless cigarettes users don’t have to be worried about smoke, ash, stubs, carbon monoxide, a light, yellow teeth, bad breath, smelling, or second hand smoke. A big perk of blu smokeless cigarettes is that they have a superior battery. Also, their heating element is much more consistent compared to other brands. Blu smokeless cigarette users have the option of four different nicotine level cartridges. While users are able to satisfy their nicotine needs, e-cigs are a great way for traditional cigarette smokers to try and kick to the habit by regulating their nicotine intake and for smokers who usually smoke about a pack a day blu smokeless cigarettes may be a cheaper alternative. Blu smokeless cigarettes also allows users to experiment with a few different flavors and users get a pretty deal of the flavored cartridges. [...]

Lighting Up An Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use. Users first choose their preferred nicotine cartridge. They have the option of deciding what flavor they would like to use as well as the concentration of nicotine. Cartridges are available in both reusable and disposable forms.   E-cigs come in automatic and manual models. In automatic models the user simply inhales to active the e-cig and for manual models the user clicks a button to turn on the e-cig. Most e-cigs have an LED lights that glow on the end and signifies that the device is on. Activating an e-cig turns on its heating elements which turns the nicotine solution in the mouthpiece into the vapor that is inhaled.   E-cigs also come in both reusable and disposable models. In the case of the reusable models, users are able to recharge their e-cig via connecting it to a car, usb, or wall charger. E-cig users do not have many of the worries that cigarette smokers may have, e-cig users [...]

E-cigs Made Easy

Blu Electric Cigarettes are making the transition from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs a bit easier. Blu e-cigs are maximizing the benefits of e-cigs. Users of Blu e-cigs no longer have to worry about the unwanted smoker smell, the yellowing teeth, carbon monoxide, what to do with ash and stubs, where to find a light, cost, new laws, or second hand smoke. For people trying to curb or eliminate their nicotine intake Blu e-cigs makes that road easier by offering nicotine solution cartridges with small amounts to no nicotine in them. Users still able to satisfy their craving for the tobacco taste with the Blu e-cig. Not only can the strength of nicotine be decided, but users of Blu e-cigs also have a variety of flavors that they are able to choose from as well (vanilla, java, menthol, and tobacco). For many smokers, e-cigs are also a cheaper alternative to smoking. The problem with a lot of e-cigs is that they are unreliable and inconvenient. Blu [...]

Go Green

The Green Smoke Electric Cigarette has quickly become one of the most popular e-cigs on the market. The traditional cigarette has been subjected to more and more ridicule over the last few years for its negative effects on people’s health and the environment. E-cigs are smokeless, odorless and don’t result in ash and stubs, for these reasons e-cigs are becoming the socially acceptable “cigarette”. Users no longer have to worry about yellow teeth from inhaling tar as e-cigs create a vapor, also e-cigs do not create any second hand smoke or dangerous carbon monoxide. The Green Smoke e-cig nicotine cartridges are composed of a safer solution of propylene glycol, nicotine, water, and some added food coloring. Unlike other brands of electronic cigarettes, Green Smoke e-cigs have a unique two component smokeless cigarette. Green Smoke offers a nice range of flavored cartridges- menthol, tobacco, vanilla, coffee, chocolate, strawberry, and apple. A nice thing that Green Smoke does is color code their cartridges so you don’t make [...]

Why Switch To Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

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Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes are innovative and one of the leading technologically advanced electronic cigarettes on the market. For me, they are certainly worth the initial cost. When people think about an electronic cigarette, they generally think of the environmental and health benefits, and sometimes the cost advantages. The Green Smoke Electronic cigarette denotes a safer and more “green” alternative to smoking cigarettes that appeals especially to those with an environmental conscious. Due to the innovative technology, Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes remain one of the most technologically advanced e-cigs available on the market. This is because Green Smoke electronic cigarettes have a built in atomizer with the refillable cartridges. When my friends and I smoke green smoke electronic cigarette, every puff feels like the first puff.  The built in atomizer is convenient, original, and of high quality and I haven’t been able to find this feature in other competitive brands. I like this feature because I do not need to replace the atomizer and this [...]

The FDA and Electronic Cigarettes

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There has been ongoing disputes between the manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and the FDA. Last year the United States FDA released a statement discouraging the use of electronic cigarettes. It seems, however, that the FDA fails to realize that electronic cigarette companies are marketing electronic cigarettes like they do nicotine patches, rather than cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are marketed and appeal to those who already smoke and may be trying to ween off of their tobacco habit. These manufacturers note that electronic cigarettes are a good alternative to smoking tobacco because it is less damaging to your health and still maintains the same oral fixation that smoking tobacco does. The FDA does agree that there are less health issues with electronic cigarettes than tobacco cigarettes. However, the FDA still stresses that electronic cigarettes should not be used by those who do not already smoke tobacco cigarettes. The FDA also expresses concern that electronic cigarettes are being marketed to young people because of the kid-friendly flavoring available [...]

Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

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Does smoking electronic cigarettes sound a little expensive? Definitely not. It is way cheaper than smoking cigarettes. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to the best smokeless cigarettes. Instead of smoking, you would be “vaping” which is the act of using the smokeless cigarette, much like smoking a cigarette. Great but it sounds too good to be true, so what is the catch? Like everything, it has its downsides too. One downside is that when you run out you have to order them online, so you have to order when you’re almost out, not when you are out.  If you consider all of the things that are in cigarettes that are known to cause illness, the best smokeless cigarettes contain none of these, which is a downside that cigarettes have that smokeless cigarettes don’t.  There are tons of reasons why you should, but no one can make you. I would go to to answer any questions you might have.

The Best Electronic Cigarette

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What is the best smokeless cigarette? Wait there is a best smokeless cigarette, let alone a smokeless cigarette? How is that possible? It is an electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette don’t produce smoke, instead they produce a vapor, so don’t have to put this cigarette out. That means no ash trays, or cigarette butts to dispose of. So why should I even get the best smokeless cigarette over the cigarettes I smoke right now? Well are you tired of being freezing cold, having to stand in the ten degree weather just to smoke your cigarette? Yes I am. Well no more frostbitten hands, no more confusing your breath with the smoke of your cigarette. You can now smoke anywhere. Yes, you can bring the best smokeless cigarette into your favorite bar and no more smoking in the cold. Now you can make your friends jealous as they stand in the cold, while you smoke the best smokeless cigarette inside in the warm.

Electronic Cigarettes As A Nicotine Replacement Therapy

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There has long been controversy over nicotine replacement treatments. Treatments other than electronic cigarettes, like the nicotine patch, nicotine gum, and the nicotine inhaler are though to be potentially harmful and more of a health hazard than initially thought. Originally, nicotine replacement therapy products like these where thought of as much less worse compared to the more harmful tobacco products and chemicals that are included in burning tobacco cigarettes. Just like the nicotine replacement therapy products are unsure of long term health effects, the health effects of smoking vaporized nicotine with electronic cigarettes are still unknown. However, surely are healthier and safer choices compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. While electronic cigarettes are certainly not the healthiest product on the market, they offer a better alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes and seem like an extremely productive way to wean off of smoking tobacco since they still offer the physical sensation of smoking that many smokers miss when trying to quit. If Electronic cigarettes need to be [...]

Where Can I Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes News

Electronic cigarettes are smokeless and odorless. They do not pertain to the same anti-smoking laws and cigarette bans that are being imposed in many facilities and states across the country. You can literally smoke your electronic cigarette anywhere and everywhere. This includes bars, restaurants, planes and airports. Now there are even smoking bans about walking with a cigarette down the street. You don’t have to worry about this with electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes utilize technology so that you do not exhale second hand smoke that is harmful and disturbing to those around you. Also the electronic cigarettes produce no odors. For these reasons, it is pleasant to smoke your electronic cigarette in the office or in your car without having to worry about smelling up the space around you. You can climb into bed and smoke your electronic cigarette before you go to sleep, without having your spouse complain about the smell of smoke on your clothes, hair and breath.  You have to be 18 [...]