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Blue Electric Cigarettes Clear the Haze Over E-Cigs

Blu smokeless cigarettes are at the top of electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes looks to give smokers the highest quality alternative to traditional cigarettes. Like other e-cig brands, blu smokeless cigarettes users don’t have to be worried about smoke, ash, stubs, carbon monoxide, a light, yellow teeth, bad breath, smelling, or second hand smoke. A big perk of blu smokeless cigarettes is that they have a superior battery. Also, their heating element is much more consistent compared to other brands. Blu smokeless cigarette users have the option of four different nicotine level cartridges. While users are able to satisfy their nicotine needs, e-cigs are a great way for traditional cigarette smokers to try and kick to the habit by regulating their nicotine intake and for smokers who usually smoke about a pack a day blu smokeless cigarettes may be a cheaper alternative. Blu smokeless cigarettes also allows users to experiment with a few different flavors and users get a pretty deal of the flavored cartridges. [...]

10 Reasons Why the Best Smokeless Cigarettes are Better than the Best Tobacco Cigarettes

  Smokeless cigarettes are small, electronic devices that have the appearance of a tobacco cigarette, but do not contain many of the dangerous chemicals found in the conventional cigarette that bring harm to you and your lungs. The vapor produced by smokeless cigarettes contains only water, glycol (a harmless alcohol), and nicotine–nicotine being considered to be no more dangerous than caffeine by the medical industry. Because of this, second hand smoke will not be a threat looming before your family, your friends, and your colleagues. Rough throat got you down? Smokeless cigarettes leave your lungs in tip-top shape, not to mention, the odorless quality leaves your breath feeling fresh and clean. And talk about odorless! Smokeless cigarettes keep your clothes, car, and house smelling like they were meant to smell–no more worrying about the visiting family or tomorrow night’s date. The best smokeless cigarettes leave no smoke, no smell, and no annoyance, meaning you can smoke anywhere at anytime! The upkeep cost of an electronic [...]