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Blu Cigs Review

Overview – Blu cigs gets high marks for portability, practicality, style and consistency.  Blu cig provides a highly functional carrying case that is dimensionally equal to a pack of tobacco cigarettes.
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The re-usable carrying case can be easily charged with a standard wall outlet or USB port.  Each pack carries 5 Blu cartridges and an extra battery and can charge the batteries while being transported.  This unique-to-the-industry carrying case is tops in the business.

Blu cigs has continued to refine its product and made significant improvements to the vaporizer.  The atomizer is now self-cleaning so residue no longer needs to be blown away.  Remember that with Blu cigs, you inhale but do not exhale smoke, merely a vapor that evaporates very quickly.

Another plus is that Blu cigs are made in America.  The nicotine cartridges are manufactured by Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, another American company.

Performance – Blu cigs prides itself on being an industry leader and is applying strict standards that competitors strive to attain.  Quality control is one of several distinct advantages Blu cigs has over other electronic cigarette manufacturers.  Another advantage is the easy-to-use, easy-to-charge carrying case.

Every aspect of the Blu cig experience is designed to help the user enjoy smoking without the hassles associated with ash, smoke, odor or flame.  When the battery blinks 30 times, the battery needs to be recharged.  If the battery is being overused, the blue LED light blinks 5 times and should not be used for 30 seconds to one minute.  These warning signals are just another way Blu cigs pulls ahead of the field.

When all things are considered, Blu cigs offers a clean, practical, convenient and more flexible smokeless cigarette experience.

Starter Kit – The Blu cig Starter Kit consists of:

•    1 carrying case or pack
•    1 electronic cigarette battery
•    1 spare battery
•    1 atomizer
•    1 spare atomizer
•    1 wall charger
•    1 USB charger
•    25 free cartridges – in the strength and flavor of your choice
•    30 day money back guarantee
•    One year warranty
•    Free shipping

In their own right, the 25 free cartridges are a $25.00 value.  25 cartridges are estimated to be the equivalent of 150 tobacco cigarettes.  The free shipping to your door anywhere in the U.S. by UPS adds more value to this offering.

With all this equipment and the simple, common sense assembly, the user is ready to go in approximately five minutes.  The batteries that arrive are approximately 40 percent charged.  The company recommends they be fully charged before using.

When the starter kit arrives, one battery and one atomizer are pre-assembled along with an empty cartridge.  Simply replace the empty cartridge with a full one by placing the filled cartridge in place of the empty one and twisting it slightly for security.

Blu cig does not have an on-off switch.  The user simply inhales to start the process. When the Blu LED light glows, it is working.

Cartridges – Through a contract with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice, Blu cigs is able to extend 5 basic nicotine flavors and a variety pack containing samples of all flavors. Users like the fact that all flavors can be acquired in nicotine strengths of their choice.

•    Full Flavor = 16 mg nicotine
•    Light = 12 mg nicotine
•    Ultra light = 8 mg
•    Non-nicotine = 0 mg nicotine

When ordering refills, users should be sure to specify the desired strength.

Below are the package flavors and a brief description for each.

•    Vivid Vanilla – A hint of sweetness and a pleasing aroma with every puff.
•    Java Jolt – Wake up and stay awake with a jolt of java.  Coffee lovers can’t say no.
•    Magnificent Menthol – Is that a chill in the air?  You will feel, pretty cool with each inhale.
•    Cherry Crush – Cheery crush is the most tasteful flavor and it will burst to the forefront of every pull
•    Classic Tobacco – For those who aren’t ready to rid themselves of the tobacco taste, this is the solution.
•    Variety Carton – Like different strokes for different folks?  Here is your answer.

A carton of refills contains 25 cartridges, the equivalent of 150 cigarettes and costs just $25.00. Substantial discounts are available for quantity purchases.

150 traditional tobacco cigarettes is the equivalent of approximately 8 packs of cigarettes.  Do the math.  You can enjoy this clean, ash-free, flameless e-cigarette and save about $1500 per year.  If tobacco cigarettes continue to rise in price, the savings will be even greater.

Support – You name it and Blu cigs has it.  From a 30-day money back guarantee, a one-year warranty and the security of UPS door-to-door shipping and a toll free 1-888-207-4588 number, users can get all their questions answered.  For e-mail contact, general information and answers can be received by contacting [email protected] or customer service at [email protected]

Blu cigs is anxious to help and will do its best to promptly respond to all inquiries.  This company is on the move and transacts business accordingly.

Blu Cigs Reviewunratedadmin2011-04-11 23:33:49Overview – Blu cigs gets high marks for portability, practicality, style and consistency.  Blu cig provides a highly functional carrying case that …