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Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs

With almost everything going the digital route nowadays, experiencing a whole new brand of smoking satisfaction is as easy as reaching for your very own Blu Cigs starter kit. Highly regarded by avid connoisseurs across the country as one of the finest e-cig brands available in the market in terms of flavor, battery length and all-out convenience, it’s not so tough to catch on why Blu Cigs is still garnering more and more loyal followers each and every day.

If you’re still having a tough time zeroing in on the best e-cig brand for you, no need to worry just yet. You’ve absolutely come to the right place. Before you grab your very own Blu Cigs starter kit, however, make sure you take note of the advantages and disadvantages enumerated in this spread so you can easily make an informed decision whether or not this popular brand is really worth dishing out the few bucks on.

The Good Stuff

Renowned for its high level of performance and unique lineup of flavors that will surely wow even the most demanding user, Blu Cigs never fails to give the competition a run for their money by constantly offering the best electronic cigarette innovations in this day and age. Ever wondered how this North Carolina-based company became one of the fastest growing and most popular brands of e-cigarettes on the market today? Here are just some of the groundbreaking factors that helped boost Blu Cigs’ rapid rise in popularity:


  • A revolutionary overall design. Apart from having the look, feel and taste of a regular cigarette, Blu Cigs utilizes an easy to assemble two-piece design that provides a consistent amount of vapor even at the slightest draw. Top it off with a portable sleek pack that allows users to recharge the powerful lithium batteries on the go and you’re definitely all set.


  • Delightful flavors you’ll instantly love. When it comes to getting that zing and freshness you’ve always wanted, nothing beats Blu Cigs to give you what you need right from the very first puff. Highlighting both well-loved and fresh new flavors that are currently making waves in the business like Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Magnificent Menthol, Classic Tobacco and Java Jolt, satisfying your cravings with a refreshing drag or two hasn’t been this conveniently sophisticated.


  • Packaging that will knock your socks off. Your Blu Cigs experience starts as soon as you get a hold of their one of a kind “smart pack” that easily qualifies as the most innovative packaging ever introduced in the electronic cigarette industry. Combining superb portability and user-friendly support with its helpful “start here” sheet that’s great for new e-cig users, Blu Cigs still has a few tricks up its sleeve to get light years ahead of the competition: to add to the product’s wow factor, smart packs are designed to store electronic data which can be later downloaded to a computer and used to make friends as well as connect with other electronic cigarette enthusiasts in various popular social networking platforms.


  • Safety and ease you truly deserve. Blu Cigs is gathering thousands and thousands of patrons each day due to a unique selling point their predecessors truly can’t quite compare with – safety. Doing away with actual flame and fire to get down to business is what really sets this brand apart from traditional smokes. Besides saying goodbye to ugly burn holes on clothes, carpets, furniture and car seats, you’ll never have to deal with messy ashes or cumbersome residues during clean up ever again.


  • 100% smoking satisfaction for less. While it is one of the most sought after brands in the market, Blu Cigs is still the number one choice for savvy smokers in and around the United States for its very affordable rates. Headlining an entry-level starter kit price of $69.95, roughly a fraction of the cost offered for the same product by its competitors, you’ll also get access to 1 wall charger, 5 cartridges in the strength of your choice and 1 USB charger just to make the deal even sweeter.


  • Stocking up on cartridge refills is a cinch. In addition to its revolutionary social networking features will easily give users a heads up when a fellow Blu e-cig smoker comes within the range of 50 feet, where it will then vibrate and flash the signature bright blue LED, Blu Cigs’ smart pack will eventually trigger automatic reordering when your supply runs low, based on parameters a user sets in advance. Throw in a full 30-day money back guarantee as well as complete warranty and service for one year in the mix and you’ll certainly make Blu Cigs your favorite e-cig brand in no time at all.


The Not So Good Stuff

Even though Blu Cigs is considered as a giant in the electronic cigarette business, it still unfortunately has a few chinks in its armor that can easily turn off new e-cig users zeroing in on a good brand to get their hands on or perhaps disinterest dedicated aficionados looking to take the whole modern smoking deal to a new level. Here are some potential setbacks that you may encounter once you grab your Blu Cigs starter kit today:


  • Oversensitive batteries. While Blu Cigs does produce some of the most reliable and long-lasting batteries in the business, some users complain that they can be very sensitive at times and can easily go off too easily. It’s so sensitive that you can even kick on your Blu Cigs electronic cigarette to life by shaking it or even blowing across the top of the indicator light.


  • Still a bit lacking in the flavor department. Blu Cigs has no doubt released some of the most unique flavor options that will definitely impress even the most meticulous user. However, if its lineup is compared head to head with the selection you can zoom in on from other brands, you’ll be surprised to know that Blu Cigs is lagging a bit behind. Some of its rivals have as much as 15 choices you can opt for as compared to Blu Cigs’ measly 5.


  • Unexpected delays in shipping. Due to its unwavering popularity nationwide, you may experience slight delays in shipping when you get your hands on your very own Blu Cig starter kit. Some users divulge that orders for refills and accessories can be sometimes stalled for as much as 3 to 5 days.


The Verdict:

As far as performance goes, Blu Cigs has definitely made its way to the top in the electronic cigarette business. Apart from having the upper hand when it comes to competitive pricing and convenience when matched up with other brands, Blu Cigs also scores top marks in terms of overall portability and ease of use. If you’re a smoking enthusiast looking for an e-cig that gives you the taste and freshness you’ve always craved for on the go without emptying your bank account, Blu Cigs is definitely your best bet. Why not grab a starter kit now and find out why more and more people are taking the Blu Cigs plunge?

Blu Cigs Review

Taking smoking satisfaction to a whole new higher level while giving your hard-earned cash a much needed boost is just one of the perks you’ll get in on once you grab your very own Blu Cigs starter kit. Apart from producing a good amount of vapor even at the slightest draw, you’re guaranteed to get access to a unique lineup of flavors you’ll instantly fall in love with right at the very first puff.

Still can’t make up your mind about scoring a Blu Cigs kit this instant? You will very pleased to know that besides getting the zing you’ve always wished for minus the excessive rates, Blu Cigs’ new line of social networking e-cigs may just take the whole wireless social networking deal further up a notch. Announcing the release of “smart packs,” users can now store electronic data which can be later downloaded to a computer and used to make friends as well as connect with other e-cig enthusiasts in various social networking platforms. How cool is that?

Blu Cigs Scam

When you’re on top of the electronic cigarette business, competitors will never run out of dirty tricks to shake you off the game. Similarly, when you log on to the worldwide web and read the words “Blu Cigs scam” used together in one sentence, you’re better off closing your browser and take a few refreshing puffs on your Blu Cigs e-cig to remind you how wonderful it is to own a starter kit from this very prestigious brand.

Blu Cigs is the epitome of what modern smoking should be: safe, convenient and easy on the budget. Top it off with advanced features like a refilling system that will eventually trigger automatic reordering when your supply runs low, based on parameters each user sets in advance, as well as a social networking add-on that will easily give users a heads up when a fellow Blu e-cig smoker comes within the range of 50 feet, and you’ll understand why Blu Cigs is the best brand in the industry.

Blu Cigs5admin2012-01-17 02:18:01Blu e-cigarettes has staked its claim in the ballooning demand for electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes utilize their patented and stylish portability features that include a carrying case that does double duty as a convenient batter charger as well as e-cigarette pack.

Customers like the stylish design of all the Blu components and when combined with a highly functional delivery system, Blu continues to grow their market share. The long-term cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes is undisputed. A typical Blu cartridge yields approximately 225 draws or 1.5 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes at a fraction of the cost of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

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John March 31, 2011 at 10:09 pm

I’ve really like blu cigs and enjoyed smoking them in the past. Good price and a reliable product.

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