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SmokeTip Review

Overview – Smoketip e-cigarettes take a unique, focused approach to the smokeless cigarette industry.  The “keep it simple” marketing approach offers just one starter kit but numerous cartridge refill options that includes four different nicotine strength options and the most flavors offered by any e-cig brand.  Smoketip e-cigarettes represent the least expensive, least complicated entry-level experience.
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The basis for the company’s success lies in their cartridge options and the simplicity of their highly developed 2-part delivery system.  The company refers to this system as their “easy drag system.”

The Smoketip product is designed to duplicate the length, look and feel of a standard tobacco product.  However, the taste is a whole new experience with cartridge flavors ranging tobacco to almond to coffee and more.

If you seek a low risk, low exposure e-cigarette solution to your tobacco smoking habit, or if you are considering smoking and do not want tobacco products, Smoketips may well be the answer to your search.  The use of this e-cigarette presents the user with a non-obtrusive alternative to smoking that assuredly will save the user money.

Performance -  Smoketips offer a wide variety of e-cigarette flavors in a 2-part delivery system.  The Smoketip electronic cigarette takes a “keep it simple” approach to the marketplace by offering just one starter kit delivered in a stylish case. There are no fees for delivery.  With 14 different flavor options and four nicotine strength levels to choose from, customers have plenty of flexibility.

Refills are processed within 24 hours. There are numerous cartridge refill order options.  Volume cartridge purchases further reduce the price per unit. The savings for users who have smoked tobacco cigarettes are significant.

Like most e-cigarettes, Smoketips can be enjoyed in places where tobacco products cannot be smoked.  There will be no smoker’s breath, no flame, no ash, no need for matches or ashtrays in this e-cigarette alternative to tobacco smoking.

Smoketips places a high priority on its fresh atomizer, which is contained in each disposable cartridge.  The Pennsylvania company believes its product provides the best drag in the rapidly expanding industry.

Starter Kit -  In their “keep it simple” philosophy, Smoketip offers a generous basic starter kit at $59.99, which includes free delivery and the following items:

•    2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
•    6 Disposable Flavor Cartridges
•    1 Wall Adapter
•    1 USB Charger
•    1 Keep It Simple Instruction Card
•    1 Gift Box Packaging

For $59.99, the user obtains everything necessary to begin enjoying the e-cigarette experience.

Cartridges – As part of their 2-part delivery system, the Smoketip atomizer is contained in the refill cartridges.  This system assures a free and clean vapor delivery with every cartridge.

Economically, Smoketips is extremely efficient.  The company reports the norm for each cartridge is 250 drags.  Each cartridge equals 1.25 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

Smoketip cartridges are offered in four standard nicotine strengths: Full (16 mg), Light (12mg), Ultra Light (6 mg) and no-nicotine (0 mg).  Cartridges are designed to give the e-unit the same length as a standard tobacco cigarette.

With a broad spectrum of available flavors, Smoketip cartridges are:

•    Regular
•    Cowboy
•    Menthol
•    Almond
•    Apple
•    Cherry
•    Chocolate
•    Clove
•    Coffee
•    Peach
•    Grape
•    Strawberry
•    Vanilla
•    Variety Pack

Support – Smoketip makes a straightforward presentation.  The company provides e-mail customer service at http://smoketip.zendesk.com/access/unauthenticated?return_to=http%3A%2F%2Fsmoketip.zendesk.com%2Flogin and online tracking for shipments.  For telecommunications, the company number is 610-933-8477.

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours.  The company also provides a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.  Details of these assurances are detailed on the company’s website at http://www.smoketip.com/.

SmokeTip Reviewunratedadmin2011-04-11 23:35:18Overview – Smoketip e-cigarettes take a unique, focused approach to the smokeless cigarette industry.  The “keep it simple” marketing approach …