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South Beach Smoke

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In the booming e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke e-cigs has increased the purchaser’s options by offering two and three stage electronic cigarettes. This exciting development provides users with a multitude of options unique to the competition and the industry.

South Beach Smoke e-cigarettes have been carefully constructed to look, taste and feel like a regular tobacco cigarette except there is no tobacco. Imagine tobacco-free. Now, that’s worth thinking about.

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E-cigarettes use a special vaporizer or atomizer to convert the nicotine flavored content in the cartridge to a vapor that the user inhales and exhales just like a conventional tobacco cigarette.

The South Beach Premium line of products is designed for e-smokers who prefer the three stage e-cig delivery system. Each premium e-cig is comprised of a battery, a separate atomizer that attaches to the battery and a fresh flavored nicotine cartridge that attaches to the atomizer.

With the three stage e-cig, it is possible that the user may want to clean the atomizer on occasion. It is an easy process and instructions are enclosed in the handy informational booklet.

With the Deluxe product line, South Beach Smoke has patented their two stage system. This version is popular because the atomizer is self-contained in each cartridge. This easier to use version means that the user simply unscrews the cartridge before replacing it with a fresh or different flavor cartridge and atomizer. Customers can change to another flavor, or to a different nicotine strength. It’s as simple as removing a South Beach Smoke from your carrying case, unscrewing the cartridge and screwing in the new atomizer/cartridge.

South Beach Smoke provides 5 tasty flavors in four different nicotine strengths. The cartridges range from 16 mgs. to no-nicotine in strength. Think of the possibilities.

South Beach Smoke keeps their starter kits simple. The company offers three different starter kits. The company also adds some exciting incentives like a $100 gas rebate with both the Premium Starter Kit ($29.99) and the DeLuxe Starter Kit ($49.99).

The Premium kit features six extra large cartridges, which equates to 6 packs of cigarettes. The DeLuxe Starter Kit includes five large cartridges or the equivalent of 7-8 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The monetary savings by e-cigarette users is substantial when compared to the expense of the tobacco habit. South Beach Smoke has introduced an aggressive discount program for cartridge reorders.

The company offers both direct e-mail support and telephone support for its customers. Add a lifetime warranty and an all money back guarantee and it is difficult to find resistance to starting your own South Beach Smoke experience.

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By looking into South Beach Smoke you will immediately see why it is important to switch to electronic cigarettes. Even if you are someone who hadn’t really given that much consideration to smoking cessation, you will see that the reviews are going to encourage you to make a change. There is no reason to continue putting harmful tobacco products into your body if you are someone who doesn’t need to do so at all. The electronic cigarettes are going to enable you to still go through the routine of smoking and getting your nicotine fix without all of the other harmful elements.

The South Beach Smoke reviews are also going to give you everything you need to know about how the cigarettes actually work. This is something quite important to consider if you know that you’d like to get more out of the cigarettes and would like to assemble them in a proper manner. If this is the case, then using the instructional videos or informative articles is probably your best bet. Make sure to keep the electronic cigarette charged at all times.

Also, you will discover some new uses for the cigarette that you may not have been able to come up with all on your own. For instance, you will find some reviews written by people who use the South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes in social situations where no one else is a smoker. This is a smart thing to do just so that you do not accidentally offend anyone with the fact that you are smoking a cigarette.

Other people are going to note that the cigarettes are quite useful for anyone who previously hated to travel on account of the fact that it was so hard to go smoke and that many airports do not have smoking rooms any longer. You’ll find it easy to go out and have a cigarette during a long commute if you are using an electronic cigarette.

Also, people are going to write reviews that relate to the fact that they now can smoke at work without much trouble at all. They’ll see that it is entirely appropriate according to office etiquette to smoke at your desk since the vapor that comes out of electronic cigarettes does not contain any kind of offensive odor whatsoever. Your boss will also appreciate that you are not taking as many smoke breaks throughout the day.

South Beach Smoke 4admin2012-01-16 18:16:54In the booming e-cigarette industry, South Beach Smoke e-cigs has increased the purchaser’s options by offering two and three stage electronic cigar…