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Vapor Cigarettes

Thanks to the invention of vapor cigarettes, enjoying a puff or two has become a cosmopolitan luxury rather than a distasteful habit. These innovative gizmos are fast gaining on global popularity because of the numerous benefits that they offer. Haven’t heard of vapor cigarettes and their advantages before? You’re sure to become a convert once you finish this spread.

In a nutshell, vapor cigarettes are basically devices that look like a cigarette, still deliver smoke and nicotine (albeit in customizable levels than its traditional counterpart), and still allow the user to enjoy the smoking experience like the real thing. However, the similarities between both specimens end here.

Vapor cigarettes are non–flammable products that utilize advanced micro-electronic technology which provides aficionados a real “smoking” experience without the fire, flame, ash, stub or smell found in conventional cigarettes.

When you smoke vapor cigarettes, a flow sensor is activated that releases water vapors usually containing nicotine and propylene glycol, a substance that imitates the full, refreshing flavor of tobacco, which then reach the user’s mouth so they can be inhaled and enjoyed like you would a regular one. No lighters to fumble with, no cigarette butts to take care of and no unpleasant odors. With these babies, no one will ever suspect you even got the habit!

Even the most fickle smokers can easily zero in on the blend they like when they go for vapor cigarettes. They come with refillable cartridges that feature a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths to choose from. These include menthol, regular, cherry, apple, chocolate, banana and strawberry, which are also available in zero, light, medium and full nicotine strengths.

Nonetheless, the best selling point vapor cigarettes have is the price. While you would normally dish out $6 to $7 on a regular pack of Marlboro or Camel, you only have to spend a couple of bucks on a nicotine cartridge refill. That gives you more than 60% in savings.

Finally, because vapor cigarettes are not considered “real” cigarettes, they are legal in most places. This means you can even take exhilarating drags in restaurants and places where smoking is frowned upon. Vapor cigarettes truly are the luxury of the future that we can enjoy today.

These advantages are just the beginning. How about you? Are you ready to take smoking to a whole new higher level without spending a fortune? Check out vapor cigarettes now and discover why thousands have already made the switch.

Vapor Cigarettesunratedadmin2011-03-21 06:17:54Thanks to the invention of vapor cigarettes, enjoying a puff or two has become a cosmopolitan luxury rather than a distasteful habit. These innovative…