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Vaporizer Cigarettes

If you’re an avid smoker, you’ve surely heard of vaporizer cigarettes once or twice. Simply put, these gadgets are basically innovative devices that provide the same flavor and richness traditional cigarettes provide minus the fire, flame, ash, stub or smell.

Making the switch to vaporizer cigarettes is perhaps the easiest method these days to achieve smoking bliss. Still not convinced? Perhaps you’ll change your mind after you get in on the following advantages you will be in for once you shift to these groundbreaking inventions:

A vaporizer cigarette looks and functions like the real thing. They essentially have the very same size and shape as their regular counterparts and look surprisingly genuine when viewed from a distance. They feature an LED light at the tip that lights up whenever you inhale and are also available in a variety of great tasting and popular flavors. Plus, they are not heavy and bulky, and you only have to carry one with you to satisfy your needs. No need to lug along a cumbersome pack everywhere you go!

Vaporizer cigarettes are cheaper than their traditional counterparts. As compared to regular cigarettes, they are a lot cheaper. Statistics reveal that an average smoker can save up to $2000 a year just by switching to these cutting-edge devices. Purchasing refill nicotine cartridges is a very low cost solution to traditional cigarettes. Why dish out $6 or $10 on a pack of regular cigarettes when you can approximately have the same amount of flavor and contentment for just a couple of bucks?

Vaporizer cigarettes can be used almost anywhere. With these handy devices, you can now smoke indoors and free from smoking bans. Plus, you don’t have to look for a smoking area when you want to get your nicotine fix in bars, airports, restaurants, clubs and libraries. Craving for a puff while at work? Just reach for this baby and you’re definitely good to go in no time.

Vaporizer cigarettes are friendlier to your hygiene. Regular cigarettes can give you a heck of a breath after taking just a few drags on a single stick. These only mimic the sensation and flavor that you get from regular cigarettes and nothing of the bad oral smell. You’ll have a minty fresh breath all the time even if you’ve just had your third go on the device.

Vaporizer cigarettes are safer. When it comes to fire hazards, these inventions are perhaps the safest alternative to any brand of regular cigarettes you can find on the market. No more ugly burn holes on carpet, furniture, or car seats. No more messy ashes or poisonous residues to clean up. Enough said. Make the switch now and discover why thousands of smokers across the country are doing the same. Likewise, keep in mind to check out electroniccigarettesnews.com regularly for more useful tips and pointers!

Vaporizer Cigarettes unratedadmin2011-03-21 06:31:46If you’re an avid smoker, you’ve surely heard of vaporizer cigarettes once or twice. Simply put, these gadgets are basically innovative devices that p…