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Blu Cigs

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Blu e-cigarettes has staked its claim in the ballooning demand for electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes utilize their patented and stylish portability features that include a carrying case that does double duty as a convenient batter charger as well as e-cigarette pack.

Customers like the stylish design of all the Blu components and when combined with a highly functional delivery system, Blu continues to grow their market share. The long-term cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes is undisputed. A typical Blu cartridge yields approximately 225 draws or 1.5 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes at a fraction of the cost of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

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There is more to the success of e-cigarettes than money savings. Cleanliness, smokeless, odorless and without the risk of flame, e-cigarettes are more than a fad or short-term option for tobacco smokers. While providing users with various nicotine levels that are actually selected by the purchaser, the flexibility has proven to be one more appealing option.

Add to the nicotine level option a wide range of flavor choices and users have a difficult time saying no to Blu e-cigs. The relatively inexpensive and long lasting cartridges come in six different flavors ranging form traditional tobacco flavor to Java Jolt or Menthol. For the full bouquet of flavors, many users opt for the variety pack. Remember, there is no tobacco in e-cigarettes.

Blu e-cigs have improved their delivery system by implementing a self-cleaning vaporizer, often called the atomizer. It is here that the flavored nicotine vapor is created when the user inhales. The LED light at the tip resembles the glowing effect of a draw on a traditional cigarette.

Blu has developed several different starter kits ranging from the basic everything-you-need-to-start kit to a his-and-hers special. All starter kits include 25 free cartridges in the nicotine strength and flavors selected by the purchaser. This appealing add-on saves $25.00 and has the staying power of at hundreds of tobacco cigarettes.

All Blu cigarettes are accompanies by a 30-day money back guarantee, an extensive one year warranty and free shipping. Everything about the Blu e-cigarette experience is designed to capitalize on the qualities that make the smokeless cigarette experience so desirable.

Light your Blu cigarette with confidence. Inhale the flavored nicotine vapor with appreciation and exhale knowing that you are not creating 2nd hand smoke. Now, you can enjoy Blu e-cigs in many places where tobacco cigarettes are banned.

Discover the e-cig craze by acquiring a Blu starter kit today and saying goodbye to smoker’s breath and the tired smell of smoker’s clothing. Clean up your act with Blu e-cigarettes.

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By going through some blu cigs reviews, you will learn all about why electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity across the country as an excellent alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes now look and feel more like regular cigarettes than ever before. If you are someone who is addicted to going through the motion of smoking and you like the way that a cigarette feels in your hand, then the electronic cigarettes are going to prove to be an excellent choice.

Blu cigs provide some other compelling reasons why they are a great choice for anyone trying to give up tobacco. One of the main reasons is that they still provide nicotine. Aside from all of the psychological factors that go into the habit of smoking, the main reason your body craves cigarettes is that the nicotine is a very addictive substance.

Look at some of the reviews written by people who smoked tobacco products all of their lives. Obviously, these are hardened smokers who know what they are talking about when they say that it’s difficult to give up the habit. If they were able to make the switch over to blu cigs, then there is an excellent chance that you will have the same luck.

Another thing to think about is the fact that these testimonials are going to point you in the right direction in terms of finding the best source for the cigarettes. Sometimes, you can find discounts on the cartridges if you are willing to shop for them online. This is a huge advantage if one of the reasons that you’re making the switch to electronic cigarettes is on account of the fact that they’re cheap.

Also, you will find out about all of the new places that you are going to be able to enjoy nicotine that you couldn’t in the past. Some smokers are encouraged by the fact that they now can smoke in bars and restaurants, while others point out that they can smoke at their desks at work and eliminate the need for taking smoke breaks throughout the day that put a halt to their productivity.

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