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E-Cigarettes have evolved into an authentic smoking experience that provides users the look and feel of traditional tobacco cigarettes at a fraction of the cost.  The flexible nature of the e-cigarettes enables the user to tailor their smoking experience by offering broad choices of flavors and nicotine strengths.
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There are two types of cartridges used in smokeless cigarettes.  Many manufacturers recommend the easy to remove, disposable nicotine cartridges with a self-contained atomizer.  Other manufacturers provide cartridges that are refilled with a liquid nicotine composition.

In both cases, the user can select from a wide variety of flavors offered in various nicotine strengths ranging from 16 mgs down to 0 mgs.  That’s right, flavored-no nicotine cartridges are available.  While 16 mgs is the standard strength, Light (12 mgs) and Ultra-light (6 mgs.) strengths are also available.

Manufacturers have been relentless in their pursuit of developing flavors that appeal to the consumer.  Popular flavors are java, cherry, tobacco, vanilla, peach and many more depending on which provider is used.  Most manufacturers offer refill cartridge packs in mixed flavors, which cover the full spectrum of tastes.

The rising demand for e-cigarettes is partially prompted by these flavors as well as by the fact that the use of e-cigarettes is significantly less expensive than the cost of tobacco cigarettes.  Each cartridge provides the user between 150 and 250 draws or about 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes.  Depending on the state where the user resides, this can be a huge annual savings.  Some users have said they have saved as much as $2,000 in the first year.

E-cigarettes come in two part or three part systems.  The principles work identically.  A small rechargeable battery charges the atomizer, which in turn pulls the flavored nicotine from the cartridge and creates a vapor-like substance, which the user inhales before exhaling into the air.  The delivery systems are consistent with a steady airflow.

There is no flame, no ash, no more smoker’s breath and no more smoke scented clothing.  The process is far less invasive than tobacco smoking. Much of the attraction of smoking is the exercise of handling the cigarette.  That movement is still provided by e-cigarettes; just in a less obtrusive manner.

The refill cartridges and the unit are carried in a carrying case that is similar in size and shape to a pack of tobacco cigarettes. In order get started, the user usually purchases a starter kit, which will hold everything needed to enjoy the smokeless experience.  Most kits contain a USB port and wall adapter for re-charging the batteries, the atomizer, 2 batteries and 5 starter cartridges in the flavor and strength designated by the purchaser.  Most providers offer several different one-time acquisition starter kits.

In two-part e-cigarettes, the atomizer is contained in the disposable cartridge.  This eliminates the need to clean the cartridge and assures the user a fresh clean taste with every cartridge.

Explore this new smoking trend.  With just a little research, you will see the many advantages offered by e-cigarettes.  Discover what so many global users already know, e-cigarettes are the wave of the future.

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