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Imagine smoking with no fear of fire or ash.  Imagine life without smoker’s breath or smoke-scented clothing.  Imagine no more offensive smoke and smoking in many places where smoking is not permitted.  If you are truly thinking about this type of smoking experience without those negative, bothersome characteristics, you are imagining the world of e-cigs, the exciting alternative to tobacco smoking that is now storming the globe.
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That’s right, storming the globe.  Electronic cigarettes are now more than a trend. E-cigs are the future of smoking, the place where existing tobacco smokers and first time smokers congregate to enjoy a less obtrusive, far less invasive smoking experience.

With e-cigs, the smoker still has the action of smoking tobacco but instead draws the taste from a nicotine flavored cartridge that is selected by the user.  The nicotine is delivered by a self-contained atomizer, which is operated by a battery and microchip.  The atomizer converts the nicotine to a vapor, which is what the user inhales and exhales.

At the end of the cigarette where the battery resides and small LED light signals the user is inhaling and the atomizer is producing.  The delivery is nearly instantaneous.  When the user stops inhaling, the LED light ceases to operate.

E-cigs are designed to mimic the tobacco smoking habit motions.  The size and shape of the e-cig is very similar to the size and shape of a tobacco cigarette.

Users of smokeless cigarettes are adamant that they are recognizing amazing savings.  With the cost of tobacco products escalating at every turn and likely to hit new highs in 2011, smokers are looking for ways to ease the pain.  One cartridge of an e-cig equates to about 1.5 packs of cigarettes at about half the price. Depending on the amount of tobacco used in the past, e-cigs can generate a healthy savings.

One of the appealing elements of the smokeless cigarette experience is the number of options presented to the user.  Those options begin with a choice of several different starter kits that include everything the user needs to get started and continue the use of e-cigs.  Most starter kits include a carrying case, one or two rechargeable batteries, a USB and wall adapter for charging the batteries and a pack of cartridges in the flavor and strength determined by the buyer.

The flavored cartridges include traditional tobacco, java, cherry, apple, chocolate and even menthol. In addition to all that taste, users also like the fact that they can order these flavors in a variety of nicotine strengths.  Manufacturers usually offer four strengths; full, light, ultra-light and no nicotine.

Once the two-piece e-cig was developed, users swarmed to the flexibility and lasting power of the electronic cigarette.  The nifty cartridge with self-contained atomizer not only enhanced the delivery system but also made for a neater, cleaner and fresher experience.  When the user has completed the cartridge, the cartridge is disposed and a new cartridge is installed with a brand new, never used atomizer.

Designers of e-cigs have worked to improve the product and the delivery system.  The evolution, packaging and overall experience has so many advantages that repeat customers have become the norm.  Find out what you have been missing with an e-cig starter kit.

E-Cigsunratedadmin2011-04-11 23:34:52Imagine smoking with no fear of fire or ash.  Imagine life without smoker’s breath or smoke-scented clothing.  Imagine no more offensive smoke and…