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Electric Cigarettes

As quitting the tobacco habit is the fourth most desirable New Year’s Resolution, it is an appropriate time to consider those new electric cigarettes you have heard so much about.  The smokeless electric cigarette market has stormed North America and shows no signs of easing as a desired competitor to the traditional tobacco cigarette.
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What makes these electric cigarettes so appealing is that there is no ash, no flame, no odor and big savings compared to the cost of tobacco products.  Reports from e-cigarette smokeless products indicate annual savings of $1500 to $2500.

Electric cigarettes come in two and three part systems.  The products are approximately the same length as tobacco cigarettes and are carried in stylish containers that are about the same size as a pack of tobacco cigarettes.

The fully assembled electric cigarette contains the same components; a rechargeable battery, an atomizer driven by a microchip and the nicotine cartridge.  The typical cartridge generates the equivalent of 175 to 250 drags yet costs significantly less than one pack of cigarettes.

For many smokers, part of the allure is the actual habit of handling the cigarette, an art form of sorts, as well as the habit of inhaling and exhaling.  Electric cigarettes satisfy those urges and even go a few steps further.  Users of electric cigarettes can say goodbye to smoker’s breath, odor filled clothing and offensive smoke.

E-cigarettes yield a vapor intake, which when exhaled dissipates very quickly.  This vapor is manufactured by the atomizer and activated by the microchip when the user puts lips to the tip.

The nicotine in the cartridge is drawn through the atomizer and to the user who then exhales completing the cycle.  The batteries can be charged by a standard wall outlet or through a USB port.

All cartridges come in four basic strengths determined by the purchaser.  Typically, nicotine strengths range from 16 mg for full, 12 mg for Light, 6 mg for ultra-light and no nicotine at all or 0 mgs.  When the purchaser orders the cartridges, a nicotine strength and flavor are specified in order to accommodate personal preferences.

Many electric cigarette manufacturers offer a broad range of flavors from traditional tobacco flavor to java or even chocolate.  Users like these options and often select packages of mixed flavors. A Mentholated flavor is also available.

The manufacturers have worked diligently to refine and perfect the delivery systems and to create an authentic smoking experience for users.  In the long term, this authentic experience is what appeals to current tobacco smokers and to persons considering smoking but wary of tobacco products.

The cleaner alternative allows users to throw away matches, ashtrays and offers relief from the obtrusive characteristics of the tobacco experience.  These equalities have driven the global demand to surprisingly high water marks.  Electric cigarettes are no longer new.  They are a proven product with tremendous appeal.  If your New Year’s goal is to eliminate tobacco products, here is your chance.  Acquire an electric cigarette starter kit today.

Electric Cigarettesunratedadmin2011-04-11 23:34:05As quitting the tobacco habit is the fourth most desirable New Year’s Resolution, it is an appropriate time to consider those new electric cigarette…