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Electronic Cigarettes Free Trial

The demand for electronic cigarettes has sharpened in recent months.  As a result, certain manufacturers have launched aggressive marketing campaigns including electronic cigarette free trial programs. By following the specified agreements, users can sample the wares and make a decision to enjoy the smokeless cigarette experience or return the unused goods at no cost.
Get Free Electronic Cigarettes
These are limited time offers and tobacco cigarette smokers and persons considering smoking are encouraged to take advantage of this win-win opportunity.  You cannot go wrong.  Simply place your order and read the instructions and comply.  If you do not like the e-cigarettes, feel free to contact the company and return the unused cartridges, batteries, atomizers and battery charging components.

The electronic cigarette manufacturers have added much diversity to their flavored nicotine cartridges and have tailored starter kits that will accommodate every situation.  These advancements have ignited a firestorm in the e-cigarette industry.

Many existing smokers have come to realize the increased expense of their tobacco habit.  By converting to e-cigarettes, these former tobacco users report amazing savings.  Depending on the magnitude of their tobacco habit and the cost of cigarettes in their home state, converts can easily save $1500 to $2000 per year.  For extreme tobacco smokers, the savings have been even larger.

As e-cigarettes generate no flame and no ash, the use of e-cigs is a safer alternative than smoking tobacco.  Because there is no smoker’s breath and no tobacco stench in  clothing, e-cigarette users experience a cleaner smoking experience.

And, for flavor, the e-cigarettes cannot be beaten.  Some manufacturers provide as many as twelve flavors and more are being developed at all times.  An appealing feature of e-cigarettes is that the user can not only select one or more flavors of cartridges but can also choose the nicotine strength in that cartridge.

The carefully designed cartridges offer nicotine strengths ranging from full, light, ultra light and no nicotine.  The two-piece e-cigarettes use cartridges with self-contained atomizers. After 150 to 200 drags (the equivalent of 1.5 packs of tobacco cigarettes), the user unscrews the cartridge and replaces it with a new cartridge-atomizer.  This unit assures the user of a clean, fresh atomizer with every cartridge.  The taste can be enhanced by rotating flavors when the change is made.

After the initial starter kit is acquired, the user simply contacts the provider to order refill cartridges.  The largest expense is the purchase of the starter kit.  Depending upon the size of the kit and the number of users being serviced (he-she starter kits are available), these kits can range from $59.00 to $214.00.

Typically the cost of the starter kit includes everything the user needs to get started with e-cigarettes.  The cost is influenced by the number of cartridges, the number of batteries, the number of battery chargers and the number of batteries.

That is what makes the free trial period so appetizing. Users simply order the free trial kit and sample the goods.  As long as users follow the written instruction, they can return the kit and receive a refund.  This is your chance to see what the craze is about.  Order a free trial electronic cigarette kit today and start saving money and gaining taste.

Electronic Cigarettes Free Trialunratedadmin2011-07-27 18:56:58The demand for electronic cigarettes has sharpened in recent months.  As a result, certain manufacturers have launched aggressive marketing campaigns…