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Green Smoke

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Green Smoke is a proven e-cigarette whose manufacturers continue to develop state-of-the art improvements to the Green Smoke tradition. Fully committed to delivering a clean, flavorful draw each and every time, Green Smoke has implemented a practical and convenient two-stage delivery system.

With the two-stage delivery system, each cartridge has a self-contained atomizer. This assures the user of a clean atomizer every time the cartridge is changed. With Green Smoke, there is no residue or buildup that would compromise the flavor-filled draw of each new cartridge.

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To successfully change to a new flavor or nicotine strength, the user simply unscrews the used cartridge from the battery and inserts the new flavored cartridge/atomizer. In less than one minute, the user is good to go.

Meanwhile, Green Smoke continues its commitment to new flavors at four differing nicotine strengths ranging from 16 mg. cartridges to no-nicotine cartridges. With eleven different flavors to choose from, traditional tobacco smokers may be pleasantly surprised by the wide array of tastes. Imagine inhaling Strawberry Freeze, Mocha Twist or Red Label Tobacco flavors without inhaling tobacco.

In addition to being permitted to use Green Smoke in tobacco restricted areas, Green Smoke users can have as much or little flavoring as they choose. When you inhale, you are breathing in a nicotine vapor that is exhaled. No more second hand smoke, no odor, no flame does not mean a lack of taste and enjoyment.

Users can still have all the physical motions of the smoking habit. Opening your pack, withdrawing an e-cigarette that is similar in size and shape to a tobacco cigarette, inhaling and exhaling are still motions attached to the e-cigarette experience. But, there is no lingering odor in clothes, no filthy ash and no smoker’s breath. Green Smoke really does incorporate the best of two worlds.

To get you started, Green Smoke offers four very different starter kits including the Social Smoker’s Starter at $109.00 and ranging to the Premium Smokers Kit and a lavish Lovebird’s Kit at $270.00. Each starter kit contains special amenities designed to fit the user’s standards. The kits are generous and will present a lifetimes of savings. There are so many benefits to the electronic cigarette that one must ask, “Why not?”

*UPDATE: Green Smoke just launched some new starter kits, including a cheap one for only $89! Click here to check out the newest kits.

There really is nothing to lose. Green Smoke is so confident in its product that it offers free shipping, a money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Green Smoke also provides one of the industry’s most distinguished customer support networks.

So, when considering the electronic cigarette conversion or startup, ask yourself this, “What do you have to loose?” The answer is nothing but you have plenty to gain. You can even find a Green Smoke coupon code if you know where to look ;)

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Look into some of the latest green smoke reviews if you are at least somewhat curious about what electronic cigarettes have to offer. Perhaps you saw people smoking green smoke electronic cigarettes the last time you were out at a bar or restaurant. These e-cigarettes are gaining popularity these days since smoking tobacco has rather fallen out of favor in most cultures. People are realizing it is simply not worth risking their health in order to satisfy their cravings for nicotine on a regular basis.

Green Smoke illustrates how the electronic cigarettes should work. Almost anyone can figure out how to use the electronic cigarette in a matter of minutes, so do not assume that this is going to be a difficult contraption to use.

Also, the reading up on Green Smoke will shed light on the fact that your life is going to markedly improve by using these products. Just think about how wonderful it would be to have the freedom that nonsmokers currently enjoy. Never again will you have the embarrassment of smoke on your clothes after a long night of smoking and drinking with friends, nor will you have to worry about smelling like smoke when you show up for work.

Some of the people who wrote these reviews might note that it is important to find a way to incorporate exercise into your routine if you are someone who previously couldn’t exercise due to lung capacity issues. Maybe you found it difficult to workout since you could hardly breathe after just five minutes of strenuous activity. If this is the case, then you can definitely become someone who enjoys working out if you stop using tobacco.

Finally, some of the reviews are going to illustrate why it is important to use these cigarettes if you’re intent upon saving a substantial amount of money. It is no secret that tobacco products are quite expensive and that the prices are liable to skyrocket in the next few years due to taxation. By using these alternative cigarettes, you will see that you have much more disposable income.

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