In today’s contemporary society there are a lot of stigmas that come along with cigarettes. People complain of the smoke polluting the air and the health consequences. Electric cigarettes are a modern solution to these problems. Electronic cigarettes use modern technology to eliminate the harmful smoke produced by cigarettes. Electric cigarettes are cleaner and eliminate more than 3,900 of the bad chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes and cigars. Also, electronic cigarettes offer a solution to the harm and health issues caused by smoking tobacco by eliminating tobacco from the product.
So what makes these electronic cigarettes cigarettes? You can choose the strength of the nicotine in the cigarette as well as an assortment of flavors, including traditional tastes. Electric cigarettes are odorless and produce no ash. Basically, these electric cigarettes are a cleaner, safer, and more cost effective way to experience smoking.
Electric cigarettes are particularly useful for those concerned about the rising cost of tobacco cigarettes, or for those trying to quit smoking. Because you can choose the strength of the nicotine cartridge as either zero, low, or medium, e-cigs can essentially be used as a method to gradually stop smoking, just like nicotine gum or the patch. Yet with these type devices, you have to give up the luxurious act of smoking. For those that like the act of smoking and the taste, electric cigarettes simulate the act of smoking a tobacco cigarette without the negative effects. With electric cigarettes, you do not have to worry about the smell of [...]


Smoketip wants your e-cigarette business. The company seeks to build on its no frills, straightforward approach to smokeless cigarettes. To drive their point home, Smoketips only offers a stripped down, low cost entry package. The Smoketips starter kit is as basic as a tobacco convert or new smoker will find. The proprietary component of the Smoketip e-cigarette is a highly functional, highly developed “easy drag system.” This stalwart delivery system begins with the user-friendly two-stage components.

Those who choose Smoketips will find one component containing a rechargeable lithium battery and microchip sensor and a second component containing their choice of flavored nicotine at a nicotine strength determined by the user. Every Smoketips cartridge contains a fresh atomizer so that the user enjoys a flavor-filled “easy drag.”


Blu Cigs

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Blu e-cigarettes has staked its claim in the ballooning demand for electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes utilize their patented and stylish portability features that include a carrying case that does double duty as a convenient batter charger as well as e-cigarette pack.

Customers like the stylish design of all the Blu components and when combined with a highly functional delivery system, Blu continues to grow their market share. The long-term cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes is undisputed. A typical Blu cartridge yields approximately 225 draws or 1.5 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes at a fraction of the cost of one pack of tobacco cigarettes.

Green Smoke

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Green Smoke is a proven e-cigarette whose manufacturers continue to develop state-of-the art improvements to the Green Smoke tradition. Fully committed to delivering a clean, flavorful draw each and every time, Green Smoke has implemented a practical and convenient two-stage delivery system.

With the two-stage delivery system, each cartridge has a self-contained atomizer. This assures the user of a clean atomizer every time the cartridge is changed. With Green Smoke, there is no residue or buildup that would compromise the flavor-filled draw of each new cartridge.

To successfully change to a new flavor or nicotine strength, the user simply unscrews the used cartridge from the battery and inserts the new flavored cartridge/atomizer. In less than one minute, the user is good to go.