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Smoketip wants your e-cigarette business. The company seeks to build on its no frills, straightforward approach to smokeless cigarettes. To drive their point home, Smoketips only offers a stripped down, low cost entry package. The Smoketips starter kit is as basic as a tobacco convert or new smoker will find. The proprietary component of the Smoketip e-cigarette is a highly functional, highly developed “easy drag system.” This stalwart delivery system begins with the user-friendly two-stage components.

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Those who choose Smoketips will find one component containing a rechargeable lithium battery and microchip sensor and a second component containing their choice of flavored nicotine at a nicotine strength determined by the user. Every Smoketips cartridge contains a fresh atomizer so that the user enjoys a flavor-filled “easy drag.”

While the delivery system and starter kits are straightforward, the Smoketips cartridge is the most broad-based in the industry. There are fourteen different flavor choices. Some examples are the basic flavors like Regular and Menthol but exotic flavors like Almond, Chocolate, Coffee, Grape and Cherry to name a few. A complete list of cartridges is available on the Smoketips website, where orders for refills and starter kits can be processed.

All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours. Tracking numbers are provided to the purchaser by the provider. Smoketips also provides a money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty of the hardware. For telecommunications, customers are encouraged to call 610-933-8477.

The fourteen different flavored Smoketips cartridges are available in four different nicotine strengths. The Full nicotine strength contains 16 mgs. of nicotine. Light cartridges contain 12 mgs, while Ultra-light contains 6 mgs. Smoketips also provides no-nicotine cartridges in all fourteen flavors.

If the user is concerned with their intake, simply dial down on the nicotine strength. The Smoketips electronic cigarette has a long, slim look, like a tobacco cigarette and users can still enjoy the motions of smoking without any tobacco intake. This is a win-win opportunity.

Imagine smoking without odor-filled clothes, with a dangerous flame and without smoke! The Smoketips user inhales and exhales the nicotine vapor. There is no offensive tobacco smoke with e-cigarettes.

It is well documented that e-cigarette smokers enjoy their flavored nicotine cigarettes at far less expense than tobacco smokers. With an average of 225 drags per cartridge, one cartridge delivers the equivalent of 1.5 packs of cigarettes for a fraction of the cost. With conventional tobacco cigarette packs closing in on $10.00 each, tobacco smoking has become a very expensive habit.

The Smoketips starter kits cost $59.99 and has everything the user needs to start saving money and enjoying unexpected, uplifting flavors. Begin a new way of smoking. Try Smoketips electronic cigarettes.

Take some time to learn about Smoke Tip at once if you are someone who is addicted to tobacco products but you know it would be in your best interest to stop smoking due to the ill effects on your health. Most smokers know, at least rationally, that is not in their best interest to continue with their habit. However, they also have a very difficult time to give up the habit since the dependence is almost crippling in some cases. People report that giving up cigarettes was one of the most difficult things that they ever were able to accomplish since the dependence is both physical and psychological, and some of them enjoy the image that being a smoker projects.

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If you read through some Smoke Tip reviews, the first thing you’re going to learn is that the physical withdraw from nicotine products is going to be nonexistent. This is due to the fact that you are still going to be getting the precise same amount of nicotine throughout the day. All of your cravings are going to be alleviated if you take some puffs off of your electronic cigarette.

Also, you will see that some of the psychological factors are going to go away as well since you still are going through the motion of smoking. The only difference is that you don’t have to light a match and there is no residue or ash on account of the fact that you are smoking a Smoke Tip electronic cigarette.

Beyond that, the cigarette can be enjoyed wherever you feel like it. Some of your friends might even be jealous of the fact that you can easily smoke in a restaurant or bar while they are left standing out in the cold. If most of your friends are smokers, however, you can easily still feel like you are part of the crowd by taking your electronic cigarette with you when they all take a break to step outside for a cigarette.

Although the electronic cigarettes are not directly marketed as a smoking cessation device, this certainly does not mean that it is impossible to use them as such. You should employ the same tactic that you would if you were using any other smoking cessation aid. Start by using the highest level of nicotine, and then slowly work your way down until you are not consuming any nicotine at all and you’re just smoking vapor instead.

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