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As electronic cigarettes were first introduced into the market place, big tobacco companies immediately felt threatened by the news. Electronic cigarettes offered a healthier, safer, and more convenient way to smoke. With attempts to destroy their competition, leading tobacco companies, namely Phillip Morris, made grand efforts to get the production of electronic cigarettes and marketing of the new innovative products shut down. News spreads fast and tobacco industries responded quickly, violently, and skillfully. They harassed FDA and other government officials and spread rumors about negative health effects that electronic cigarettes caused. Efforts were made to flood the news and internet with disadvantages of the e-cig. However, the earliest electronic cigarette companies continued to market and sell their products and eventually began to develop a well established niche. The big tobacco companies encouraged the FDA and other nicotine replacement therapy manufacturers to complain that using electronic cigarettes as a way to ween off of smoking tobacco had never been tested and was potentially dangerous. Yet this was news to e-cig smokers. The product reviews and the beneficial results spoke for themselves, and the tobacco industry failed to suppress the growing electronic cigarette craze. Now, these same tobacco companies have accepted the inevitability that e-cigs are a successful and useful product and are redirecting their focus to get onboard. There have been reports that Phillip Morris and the Ruyan E Cigarette Company are in the midst of negotiating a large deal. Currently, there are no official agreements between smaller e-cig companies and big tobacco tycoons but it is only a matter of time before their big money buys them a big slice of the industry. Check back frequently to stay updated on the latest electronic cigarettes news.
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Electronic Cigarettes News unratedadmin2011-05-31 12:07:15As electronic cigarettes were first introduced into the market place, big tobacco companies immediately felt threatened by the news. Electronic cigare…

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V2 Cigs has become one of the top-selling American electronic cigarette companies around today. Now they may have many more users- they recently issued a special V2 Cigs coupon code for 10% off all purchases on the V2Cigs site. Now that the holidays are right around the corner, the timing couldn’t be better. V2 cigs claims to have many advantages over the competition: More vapor, longer battery life, and top-notch quality control over the manufacturing process. They also have a special line just for women called Vapor Couture, which feature a more fashionable look to them. The staff here at ECN hasn’t reviewed a V2 E-Cig yet, but since they’ve sold over 1 million starter kits…they must be pretty decent. We should have our own review up here shortly. Has anyone tried them?...

Blu smokeless cigarettes are at the top of electronic cigarettes. Blu smokeless cigarettes looks to give smokers the highest quality alternative to traditional cigarettes. Like other e-cig brands, blu smokeless cigarettes users don’t have to be worried about smoke, ash, stubs, carbon monoxide, a light, yellow teeth, bad breath, smelling, or second hand smoke. A big perk of blu smokeless cigarettes is that they have a superior battery. Also, their heating element is much more consistent compared to other brands. Blu smokeless cigarette users have the option of four different nicotine level cartridges. While users are able to satisfy their nicotine needs, e-cigs are a great way for traditional cigarette smokers to try and kick to the habit by regulating their nicotine intake and for smokers who usually smoke about a pack a day blu smokeless cigarettes may be a cheaper alternative. Blu smokeless cigarettes also allows users to experiment with a few different flavors and users get a pretty deal of the flavored cartridges. [...]...